Bedwars Bridging Strats

The first one is Breezily Bridging:
The second one is Witchly Bridging:
The third one is god briging:
There's more, but there's way too many for a one website unless it was all about bridging. For a LOT of bridging strats, go to

Bedwars Bed def Strats

Okay, in doubles, my experience is that most people will bed def wool. I make my no-def strategy (when there's no bed def) i save for 12 iron and cover bed with hardened clay. It's better than nothing and takes a while to mine with a sword.

Bedwars Rushing Strats

The most common early-rush strategy is to, in doubles usually, get 32 wool, (8 iron worth) and bridge right to the team that you are right across from. Not the team you share diamonds with, the team that you can see when you go to the side of your island. Another is to rush diamonds, then, when you have more wool, rush the team closest to the diamond island you are on.